How Trump's Tax Plan Will Help 1% of Wealth Building

Whenever White House security guards change positions, it's worth sitting up and paying attention, especially in terms of economic policy. Among his other proposals, President-elect Trump outlined a new tax plan that would affect almost all taxpayers. These benefits have… Read More

Complex calculations: Canadian child welfare calculations for different income groups

If you have children under the age of 18, you've probably received at least part of the Canadian Child Benefit (CCB) in the past few months. Tax-free monthly payments start in July and are paid to eligible families to help… Read More

Why is it reasonable to pay for financial advisers?

Sadagopan Today, dealers of many products impersonate consultants. Many people call themselves fancy names, such as wealth managers, financial advisers and financial coaches. It is difficult to determine who is the real consultant and who is just the distributor of the… Read More

Analysis of Wal-Mart's Return on Equity (WMT)

The steady trend in return on equity (ROE) of Wal-Mart Stores Ltd (NYSE: WMT) tells investors that the company reliably generates measurable net returns through shareholder capital. Wal-Mart's 10-year average return on net assets was 21.42%, compared with 23.02%, 21%… Read More

Ripple Cryptocurrent Attracts the Central Bank of China

Ripple is a venture capital-backed start-up that provides global financial settlement solutions that reduce total settlement costs by enabling banks to trade directly and instantly while ensuring certainty. Ripple's goal is to "enable the world to exchange value like information,… Read More

Communication failure

Recently, Ipsomori and the Customer Linkage Association (CCA) conducted a study to investigate the relationship between consumers and banks and credit card companies in an attempt to reveal consumers'attitudes and behaviors towards these organizations and those responsible for serving them.… Read More

U.S. Senators Propose the Pass of the Anti-Savings Act

WASHINGTON - Two U.S. senators are angry at what they call Eduardo Savilin, the co-founder of Facebook, intentionally avoiding taxes, and they want legislation to prevent him and other exiles from re-entering the United States. Two Democratic senators, Chuck Schumer and… Read More

Four Best Alternatives to PayPal (PYPL, GOOG)

PayPal (NasDaq: PYPL) is almost synonymous with online payment, but it is not alone in the space of digital money growth. Almost all consumer markets are moving online; for example, considering Amazon overtaking Wal-Mart to become the world's largest retailer,… Read More